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We Help Parents Raise Confident Leaders
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Since 2009, Vortexic Martial Arts has provided its members with a road map to success based on self-defense, confidence and goal-setting skills.


3760 S. Mason Road, Suite 30, Katy, TX 77450

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Master Joe Vigil & Instructor Diana Vigil.

Hi, we are Master Joe Vigil & Instructor Diana Vigil.

Vortexic Martial Arts trains champions for life.

Vortexic Martial Arts and its instructors are dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through the development of life skills by means of providing high-quality martial arts training. VMA Taekwondo uses an adaptive accredited curriculum, and knowledgeable internationally certified staff to provide and maintain an atmosphere conducive of DISCIPLINE, RESPECT, and HONOR.

We will build strong relationships with our students and their families seeking to provide the highest in customer service. We will consciously seek opportunities to innovate and improve to make the martial arts experience effective and rewarding. We will continually seek new opportunities to learn and grow in order to share with our students the insights we continually learn ourselves. We will respect and leverage traditional martial arts methods while integrating the newest and most effective techniques developed.

We Share & teach The Same Values You Teach At Home.

Our programs have a strong focus on personal development. The foundations of our morals, values and core character traits are formed in our early years. For this reason, the programs at Vortexic Martial Arts are an essential way to enhance the growth and personal development of young students of all ages. 

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You may have experienced boredom with your usual fitness routine or reached a plateau in your performance or physical fitness results. Our adult programs are the perfect alternative to a boring gym routine, as they help you develop into your maximum potential both physically and mentally by providing real-life self-defense strategies in a fun, focused environment. 

Master Joseph Vigil

Master & Founder

Master Vigil has been teaching Taekwondo for over 12 years. Dedicated to Martial Arts since the first day, he has competed nationally and internationally. Vigil has won as the Texas State Champion as well as the Utah State Champion in the past.

Diana Vigil

Instructor & Co-founder

Mrs. Vigil found her love for Taekwondo after meeting her husband in 2004. In 2008 she put her degree in Entrepreneurship and International Business from Baylor University to use when they founded Vortexic Martial Arts.

Our History

Master Vigil and his team of Instructors have been teaching together for 12 years, and in 2009 Master Vigil and his wife Instructor Vigil founded Vortexic Martial Arts. Vortexic’s foundation of traditional core values stems from the continued focus on discipline and integrity in an industry where many have lost their vision of the true martial artist.

Much of this can be attributed to Vortexic’s lineage. Master Vigil spent 4 years living with and training under 9th Dan GrandMasters J.K. Choi and W.K. Choi, and during an exchange program, has spent time training with the Korean Military Academy, and several Korean Taekwondo/Hapkido schools throughout Korea.

You will find that all of Vortexic’s staff and its Black Belts, are not just Instructors or Leaders, but guides to a better way of living for every student that steps on the mat. When a student breaks a board, or struggles with a technique, they will have the support and affirmation of their Brothers and Sisters in training. At Vortexic we truly believe in the idea of family within our school and treat each other as such. Young or old the implied philosophy will challenge you to a better way of life.

“Improving Yourself While Bettering the Lives of Those Around You”

What Makes Vortexic Martial Arts Different From other
Karate & Taekwondo Schools?

At Vortexic Martial Arts, we think of each student as a part of our extended family.

Together, we learn values that will extend well beyond the physical execution of martial arts.

We pride ourselves not in the quantity of students we help, but in the quality of education and skill we help our students to attain.

Our Promise at Vortexic Martial Arts:

To Train in the
Highest Quality Martial Arts Program Available

To Focus On
Personal Development
in a Positive Environment

To Offer Programs
Accessible & Enjoyable
by People of Any Age


Our mission is to provide the highest quality in martial arts training while positively impacting the lives of our students, clients and friends.

We pledge to create a caring and nurturing atmosphere that will inspire and motivate our students to maximize their physical progress and mental development.

We pledge that the Vortexic Martial Arts experience will exceed expectations, maximize results, and enhance the principles of black belt in our students and our community.


At Vortexic Martial Arts we foster an environment where students and clients are valued, quality of life is enhanced, individual aspirations are realized, and individual achievement is rewarded.

We will offer quality instruction while providing a motivating environment designed to promote each student’s unique capabilities and personalized goals in martial arts.

We will always conduct ourselves in a positive and professional manner showing pride in our appearance, language, and behavior.

  • Master John Bell

    Master John Bell

  • Instructor Ale Dionisio