Our Taekwondo Principles

Discipline. Honor. Respect.

Discover a more fulfilled life through applied martial arts

Tiny Twisters

Ages 3-5

By focusing on basic motor and learning skills, we will help your child develop more confidence and to have an enthusiastic outlook as they enter society.


Ages 5+

This Korean martial art is widely known for its fast, spinning kicks and powerful punches. Students will enjoy their journey to becoming a black belt in Taekwondo.


Ages 12+

Hapkido is a great compliment to our martial arts classes. Students will learn joint locks, grappling and throwing techniques, as well as kicks, punches and striking attacks.

Advanced Programs

All ages

Vortexic Martial Arts also offers advanced programs and private lessons to all ages and belt ranks with our team of qualified instructors. Continue your training with the best of the best.

Take the first step towards

improving your body both

physically and mentally

We are dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through the development of life skills by means of providing high quality Martial Arts training in Cinco Ranch. We provide and maintain an atmosphere conducive of discipline, respect, and honor.

What we can help you achieve

Improve your physical condition, learn self-defense, improve self-discipline, become more confident.


For self, others, and authority.

Develop unshakeable self respect while demonstrating courtesy in the presence of others and authority.

Personal Discipline

To achieve your goals and complete tasks.

Having the personal discipline to set and achieve goals is paramount to succeed in life.


To stand up, stand proud, and stand out.

We help you to develop the skills and character it takes to stand up to the challenges that like creates every day!


Never give up!

Develop the positive attitudes necessary to overcome any challenge. We encourage students to never give up no matter how difficult the task or challenge.

Programs developed to help students succeed

Our unique programs are focused on the progress on individuals. Our highly knowledgeable instructors work with you to unlock your potential and attain your goals. We offer programs for every age and skill level. Our unique classes will help you build strength and confidence. VMA Taekwondo in Cinco Ranch uses an adaptive accredited curriculum.

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Katy Tx Taekwondo

Have the most EPIC birthday party ever!

Planning your child’s birthday has never been easier. Parents can sit back and relax knowing that the children are in a fun and safe environment. Our birthday parties include the use of our facility for 90+ minutes; we provide tables and chairs, invitations and do all the clean-up; while parents bring food and paper products. Your child will be treated to a 45 minute high-energy Martial Arts class taught by one of our certified black belt instructors.

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Katy Tx Martial Arts

Why We Are Different

We consider ourselves much more than just a martial arts studio. At Vortexic Martial Arts, we think of each and every student family. Together we learn values that will extend well beyond the physical execution of martial arts, values that will strengthen ones mental integrity and will orient ones moral compass.

We pride ourselves not in the quantity of students we help, but in the quality of education and skill we help our students to attain.

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Continue to master the art

We have programs for even the best

No matter your skill level we have just the program crafted to fit your needs. We help each and every student perfect and master the art through physical skill and mental stamina!

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My son joined Vortexic couple of months ago with a friend. Since joining he is more confident and loves to practice his forms at home. It has been a great experience for the entire family. We highly recommend Vortexic for their family friendly atmosphere, great staff and their knowledge of martial arts.

Ashley P.

This is an amazing place. The instructors are great and everyone is very invested in helping the students succeed. I'm so happy that I found such a positive environment for my kids to learn taekwondo.

Meredith G.

I have a twelve year old and seven year old going to Vortexic MA. My kids have got more discipline, focus, and determination because of Vortexic MA. They also enjoy Vortexic MA a lot.

Hima P.

Our five year old twins really enjoy VMA. They've been in it a year now and we've seen a huge difference from when they first started. They are more confident, disciplined and are learning that hard work pays off (ie. from getting their yellow belt).

Jennifer O.

After I stopped practicing TKD more than twenty years ago, I have the opportunity to return with my youngest son. What a nice surprise! The philosophy of martial arts is intact in this school. The drive towards discipline, self-confidence and the overall positive attitude makes you feel that you are in the right place.

Jose H.

We have been with the Vortexic family for several years and during that time, we have seen our son gain so much from Taekwondo. Not only has he grown stronger physically and mentally, he has gained self confidence. Master Vigil and Instructor Hanson are both outstanding instructors.


During private lessons, the instructors at Vortexic are able to tailor their lessons to each individual’s needs. They get to know their students and understand how to motivate them. We feel so fortunate that we have chosen Vortexic Martial Arts for our Taekwondo journey.


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