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Hello Vortexic Students and Parents!

As you may have heard, the YMCA is changing how it partners with its vendors starting September 1st 2014. This has created a wonderful opportunity to fulfill our vision of opening an independent location for Vortexic.

You may be wondering…..


What does this mean for me and my student?

Starting September 1st 2014 The YMCA will no longer offer classes for Orange Belt and above.

Regardless of your rank, all specialty classes, Sparring, Weapons, Competition Team, and Hapkido will be held at our NEW School located at 3760 South Mason Road Suite 30 Katy, TX 77450. This is about 1 block east of the Katy Family YMCA.

Little Dragons, White, and Yellow Belt Classes will continue to be offered at the YMCA, as well as at our new location.


Will Class Fees Change?

We will have a registration period in August to lock in new program rates for existing Vortexic members without having to sign a contract. We value your family as members of the Vortexic Family and will provide the lowest possible rates as you commit to join us in our new venture. We will have a period sometime in the middle to the end of July where our current students will be able to join us at our new location to discuss the special program rates available.



Both the YMCA and Vortexic Martial Arts are excited to move forward in our redefined partnership. The YMCA has been, and will continue to be an amazing ally for Vortexic Martial Arts. We have come to a mutual understanding and direction because we share the same basic principles and core values. Our YMCA Association Executive, Brian Haines has been fundamental in ushering in these changes in a way that will mean better opportunities and better quality programs for our members.


How is this better?

Change is not easy, most of us develop routines and hate to break those routines even if it means more opportunities. Vortexic understands this resistance, and is here to tell you that you will be excited with what is coming.

For our lower rank students staying with the YMCA, you will still have the same high quality instruction you have come to expect. With VMA certified instructors teaching Olympic Style Taekwondo, you and your student will start your martial arts journey with a strong foundation that will carry into your advanced levels and solidify your road to Black Belt. The YMCA will be offering additional class times for each rank to manage class sizes, and to better fit your scheduling needs.

The Benefits We’ll Enjoy at Our New Location!

More Class Times to Choose From

  • Block A or Block B Schedule

Smaller Class Sizes

  • Fewer students per class
  • Brown-Black Belt only classes

More of What You Love

  • Hapkido twice per week
  • Competition Team twice a week
  • Demo Team will launch in the fall

Dedicated Martial Arts Training Area

  • Martial arts flooring
  • New training equipment

Dedicated Observation Area

  • Comfortable chairs
  • Wi-Fi


Private Lesson Room

  • Air conditioned
  • Additional times available


New Fun Events

  • Parents night out
  • Lock-ins
  • Birthday parties


During the month of August, we will be offering all current Vortexic students a one time, exceptional rate reduction on monthly fees. We will also waive the registration fee, and you will not be required to sign our one year Member Agreement to continue your training at our new location. This rate reduction must be locked in by August 31st . We will not be able to make exceptions.


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At Vortexic Martial Arts we believe in teaming with parents to provide the best program for your family. We know you may still have questions, and we are here for you. Please contact Mrs. Worley at if you would like to set up a meeting in person. You can also enjoy progress updates of the new school on our website; and our Facebook page; VortexicMA and Twitter; VortexicMA. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your Dedicated VMA Team

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