Grand Opening Celebration!

By August 15, 2014News

Hello Vortexic Families!

Last night marked the completion of our SECOND week of classes. While the students were completing their Hapkido testing, I was sitting at the check-in desk thinking how far we’ve come in these two weeks. I had to look at my calendar several times, sure I’ve made a mistake on the timing. I didn’t, it’s really only been two weeks.

You know what’s so great? Our students also feel at home here! The smiles on their faces as they walk in and bow to their school is heartwarming. Their kiops filling the air keep me motivated (and the dancers next door!) Last night, much to their parents amazement, I had four children having an emotional discussion about who was going to clean the most windows for me! Tears were shed, but the pride already felt by our students is undeniable.

To celebrate our great school, we’re having a Grand Opening Celebration! This is one of several opportunities you’ll have to bring your friends to our school and show them what you’re so excited about! We’ll have a bounce house obstacle course, popcorn, snow cones, and carnival style games! The excitement doesn’t stop there! We’ll also have an opportunity for you to win a NINTENDO 3DS XL! As if that wasn’t enough super duper fun, you won’t want to miss our TICKET TORNADO!

What is a Ticket Tornado? I’m glad you asked! Come to classes next week to see your instructors demonstrate a TICKET TORNADO! See you on the mat!

OPEN HO-- USE 1 for studnets


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