March Theme of the Month – Creativity

By March 1, 2015News

This month we’ll be talking to our students about CREATIVITY.


This is my personal favorite Theme of the Month so far! I love being CREATIVE! Not just in an artistic way, and if we’re being honest, I am not “artistic” at all! I can’t even cut out patterns straight. But I can **usually** find a creative way to most challenges. My husband likes to remind me that I am not an “out of the box” thinker, I can’t even SEE the box. I take this as a compliment….now.



Are you asking yourself what CREATIVITY could possible have to do with Taekwondo? I mean, aren’t we required to just do the techniques perfectly as they are taught to us? I mean, don’t we fail if we don’t? Yes….and….No! Think about it this way:


What are you doing with YOUR training? Are you giving up when it gets tough, or finding CREATIVE solutions to power through? If you make a mistake in one of your techniques, do you shut down or even worse quit, or embrace the experience and move forward? What CREATIVE ways are you using your experiences gained in your personal training outside of our school? I’ve read every single goal sheet on our Goals Wall and I know each of you can achieve them with a little CREATIVITY.


Stay tuned this month while your VMA Instructors share more personal stories and encouragement on how YOU can be CREATIVE!