I love what I do because I get to see the smiles of my students every day after teaching them a new way of life.

Rodolfo CosmeInstructor, Vortexic Martial Arts

A little about me

Instructor Cosme discovered his passion for Taekwondo when he joined the Vortexic Family in 2009. Working diligently he earned his green belt, but as with many young children he got distracted by other activities. Six years later after many other hobbies he found himself working at a restaurant in the mall. on his way to work he was reunited with his former Instructor, Joseph Vigil, now a Master. A few weeks later he quit his job to work as an office manager at Vortexic martial arts, to later become an instructor.

More about me

As a year went by he learned many things, about himself, and about others. He learned how great the smiles of others can be, and how awesome it feels to teach new things to others. Now a 1st degree black belt, Instructor Cosme keeps working hard making knives and swords at home but never forgetting his goal, becoming a Master.