I love what I do because I get to interact with kids and families from all different walks of life. The job is out of the ordinary. It pushes me to stay fit mentally and physically It keeps me smiling and in good spirits. I really enjoy it because it gives me the opportunity to further my martial arts journey.

Victor HansonInstructor, Vortexic Martial Arts

A little about me

Instructor Hanson first started his Taekwondo training at the age of 5 under Master Leb Kemp. After a long 7 maturing years of training, he earned his black belt in November of 2003. With further training, he was able to compete in the 2004 AAU National Tae Kwon Do Championship where he earned a gold medal in Olympic-style sparring. He returned in 2006 bringing home a bronze medal. Instructor Hanson’s love for teaching grew in late 2012 when he jumped on board with Vortexic Martial Arts. He is currently the lead instructor at our school. He loves teaching weapons, demo team, & competition team class.

More about me

Instructor Hanson is currently attending the University of Houston Main Campus pursuing a degree in English. In his spare time, he is a very passionate break-dancer and travels the country alongside the Hazardous Zombies Krew.

Instructor Hanson’s Inspirational Quote: “You can do anything you put your mind to.