Programs developed to help students succeed

Our unique programs are focused on the progress on individuals. Our highly knowledgeable instructors work with you to unlock your potential and attain your goals. We offer programs for every age and skill level. Our unique classes will help you build strength and confidence. VMA Taekwondo uses an adaptive accredited curriculum.

Tiny Twisters

Ages 3-5

Our Tiny Twisters Program includes a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving preschool-aged children’s basic motor skills and listening skills. These skills will help them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook. They will become better students at school, better listeners at home, and more ambitious towards the future. Tiny twisters will learn a Theme of The Month with weekly homework opportunities to earn certificates and opportunity to each patches to display on their uniform.


Ages 5+

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art and is widely known for its spectacular high, fast and spinning kicks and powerful punches.  Students will benefit with improved physical fitness, and conditioning, better focus and concentration, self-esteem, self-discipline and respect for others. We strive to partner with families to build strong and happy relationships. Students will enjoy fast paced classes on their way to becoming a black belt. Vortexic Martial Arts encourages participation by the entire family.


Ages 12+

Hapkido is a dynamic Korean Martial Art that emphasizes circular motion, non-resisting movements and control of the opponent. Students will learn joint locks, grappling and throwing techniques, as well as kicks, punches and striking attacks. Students will learn various weapons as they progress to black belt. Hapkido is a great compliment to our Taekwondo classes.

Advanced Programs

All ages

Vortexic Martial Arts also offers advanced programs and private lessons to all ages and belt ranks with our team of qualified instructors. Continue your training with the best of the best. Advanced programs include:

  • Weapons Class
  • Sparring Class
  • Competition Team
  • Demo Team
  • Black Belt Class
  • Private Lessons