New School Update

Hello VMA Families,

This is a busy and EXCITING time for us! My anticipation builds up more and More, and MOre and MORe and MORE each time I stop by the new school! I’m pretty sure the workers think I’m a little nuts every time the boys and I stop by and start getting all giddy like children on Christmas morning. (I still do that on Christmas morning just FYI) I have so many plans for this school! I seriously wake up in the middle of the night thinking about new ways to make this the BEST school ever! I  have plans….BIG PLANS!! I wish this was a video so you could see how happy my face is right now!!

I have enjoyed talking with many of you in the past weeks. I know that your anticipation and excitement continues to grow with ours. I also want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who have asked numerous times what you can do to help! You are so encouraging to us and we could not do this without you on our team. I promise I will be calling on you soon! (BIG PLANS!)

We are not quite ready to open this week as we had originally hoped, but we are currently scheduling appointments to meet with Master Vigil and myself to answer any questions you may have, tour the new school and share our vision for each of your families. When you stop by, I hope you’ll take a moment to pose under our sign for our current contest! You can read all of the details HERE.

Here are a few photos from yesterday. I am in LOVE with the paint colors!


Training floor



Multi-Purpose Room & Master & Mrs. Vigil’s Office




We look forward to having you come by and see us! You can schedule your personal appointment with Master Vigil by emailing me at

See YOU soon!