Spotlight – Angry Birds Jedi Training Camp

Hello Vortexic Campers!

I’m having SO MUCH FUN planning our camps! I know our campers are going to have the time of their lives! Those who are registered for our

Angry Birds Jedi Training Camp from June 15th – June 19th

will certainly be starting their summer off with a Jedi Training like no other training around!

Those who have not yet registered, do it QUICK!

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Here is a snapshot of what we’ll be doing throughout the week!

9:00 Drop Campers off and hug them goodbye if you can catch them before they run onto the mat to start their training!

9:05 Jedi Life Lesson – HONOR

9:20 Game Time – Star Wars! This is a high impact game with pool noodles and Nerf balls!

10:00 Jedi Training – Stealth Walk & Ninja Roll

10:45 Snack Break

11:00 Craft – Jedi Light Sabers

11:30 Game Time – Jedi Dodge Ball

11:50 Daily Awards

You can see we have ACTION PACKED days planned for our Jedi’s in Training! The daily schedule will stay the same, but the games and crafts will change.

Games will include:

-The Kids From Mars

– Air Raid

– Pig Balance

– Ultimate Keep Away

– Annihilation.

Crafts will Include Cool Creations Like These!

Camp Sword angry birds mask


The only thing that your Jedi won’t like, is having to leave!┬áSee you all you future Jedis in less than 25 Days!!

Your VMA Summer Camp Team

Please email with any other questions.


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