The 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do

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When you train in Tae Kwon Do, it’s not just a physical sport. We strive to develop character traits along with self-defense skills. The two work hand in hand to mold the student into a confident and mature individual. In Tae Kwon Do there are five tenets that serve as the core values taught to students. Each one of these traits is every bit as important as the physical skills we teach.


Courtesy 여의

What is courtesy? When you act with both respect and kindness, you are being courteous. We teach respect for authority, and respect for others. The student iswhat Taekwondo teaches encouraged to reach out to others in kindness, helping those less able than themselves. We expect them to be courteous to both, to those in the dojang as well as people they meet outside the school. An often overlooked part of this tenet is good manners.

Integrity 염치

Most people would define integrity as “honesty.” While that is correct, integrity actually goes one step further. We want our students to know the difference between right and wrong AND to stand up for what is correct. Having strong moral principles takes courage. Tae Kwon Do wants the student to be strong in the face of physical danger and moral injustice. Courage and honesty are character traits that every student should strive for.

Perseverance 인냬

Don’t give up! In the face of adversity, we want our students to persevere. Things in life are not always easy and we want our students to know how to be “winners.” Simply put, Tae Kwon Do students are taught to struggle against all odds to reach a goal. Whether in the dojang, at school, or in their private lives, perseverance is necessary for success.

Self Control  극기

Uncontrolled anger has no place in Tae Kwon Do. Like all the others, this tenet of Tae Kwon Do applies to both the Taekwondo teneatsdojang and to life. It’s important to have control over both your thoughts as well as your actions. Learning to keep your emotions in check means you won’t do things you regret. You have a better opportunity to reach others and build relationships. As for self-defense, not getting angry means you might have a chance to defuse a situation before it escalates into a physical confrontation.

Indomitable Spirit 백절불굴

Indomitable Spirit is directly related to perseverance and all the other tenets of Tae Kwon Do. It is the net result of applying all the tenets in your life. If you are courteous, honest, hard-working, and under control, you become a person with indomitable spirit. Having the courage to stand up for your beliefs and stay strong against any opposition is a result of strong character. Combining physical skills with strong character traits turns a student into masters.

The 5 Tenets of Taekwondo are meant as a guide for students in both the dojang and outside the school. Tae Kwon Do is not just about developing physical skills, but also about strengthening the whole person. Becoming a strong person in every way.

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