Benefits Tae Kwon Do gives your Kids In School

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Every parent wants their child to do well in school. They hope for good grades, a strong work ethic, and a happy social life. For a child, finding their place among their peers can sometimes be hard. What if you could give your child an advantage?

Kids in Martial Arts Receive Higher Grades

Several studies show that kids who train in the martial arts receive higher grades and suffer fewer benefits-tae-kwon-do-gives-your-kids-in-school social problems after beginning a structured fitness program. At Vortexic, your child receives the exercise and discipline needed to focus them in school. They gain self-confidence, which turns them from followers into leaders.

A study, performed by the University of Madrid, monitored the activities of children over a three year period. It found that kids who participated in a regular exercise program had improved fitness, and improved performance in school. Overall fitness and cardiovascular health increased blood flow to the brain. This makes it easier to concentrate and aids a student’s ability to learn in the classroom.

Based on these findings, you might expect any exercise program to be acceptable; but, the martial arts is not just about exercise. The mental concentration needed to control the body’s movements teaches kids to eliminate distraction and focus on the task at hand. The forms and drills we teach at Vortexic, work on those skills.

Martial Arts Helps with Attention Disorders

Another group that benefits from taking Tae Kwon Do are those children who suffer from attention disorders. Dr. Matthew Morand studied the effects of martial arts on children suffering from ADHD. Specifically, he looked at a group of boys training in Tae Kwon Do. The results showed that after Tae Kwon Do classes, there was a distinct improvement in their ability to sit still and focus on schoolwork. Without the aid of medicine, many of these kids were able to overcome the problems they were facing in the classroom.

Every student has times where it is hard to keep the mind from wandering. Adults have the same problem. One of the main tenets of martial arts is to “always be aware of your surroundings.” Tae Kwon Do emphasizes this until it becomes an automatic reflex. In school, children find that they are more tuned into what the teacher is saying.

Tae Kwon Do and Bullying

Tae Kwon Do helps kids to gain confidence, while they learn to defend themselves. Those that have problems being bullied find a new sense of courage as they learn to resolve conflicts, and when necessary, to protect themselves from harm.

Research shows that around two-thirds of children being bullied cease to have a problem by the time they reached black belt status.

Not only does Tae Kwon Do help those being bullied, it also tempers the behavior of those doing the bullying. Some parents worry that martial arts fosters violence. The reality is that martial arts stop violence. Often, bullying behavior is a result of insecurity and Tae Kwon Do builds confidence. Aggressive children often lose the need to dominate others.

Self-Respect and Respect for Authority

RespectThere is a great deal of discipline involved in learning the martial arts. Asian arts are built on respect. Vortexic instructors expect their students to be respectful to authority. This attitude will carry over into the classroom at school.

Learning to control both mental and physical behavior gives a child the skills they need to function as part of a group. Whether that group is the family, a class, or someday, the workplace, children can only benefit from learning self-control.

What Can You Do?

So, as a parent, one of the ways you can help your child do better in school is to seek out a good fitness program. Look for a program that teaches self-control, builds confidence, and fosters respect. Vortexic Tae Kwon Do classes give your kids the tools they need to succeed in school and life. If you want to start your child on the path to success, click the button to sign up for a free evaluation class!

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