Vortexic Martial Arts in Katy offers advanced programs for all ages and belt ranks with our team of qualified instructors. Continue your training with the best martial arts teachers in Katy. Our programs are specifically designs to help develop strong character, giving way to an increase in confidence, self-discipline and fitness improvements. Our martial arts studio in Cinco Ranch is proud to serve the local community. Call us today to see what we can do for you and your family!

Weapons Class, Katy

Ages 5+

Weapons class are taught once a week, focusing on one specific weapon for three months of study. In those three months of study, our martial arts instructors teach:

  • Origin of the martial arts weapons
  • Martial arts defense and attack techniques
  • Different movements and fighting scenes often encountered in martial arts

During the last session of weapons class, martial arts students prepare a creative 20-step form and are tested on the techniques they learned. These classes teach children how to properly handle these weapons with extreme confidence.

Sparring Classes, Cinco Ranch

All ages

Sparring classes at Vortexic Martial Arts in Katy is a program designed to train students in kicking techniques, speed drills, defensive and attacking combination when it comes to fighting an opponent.

Sparring is an integral part of Taekwondo, and it is recognized as an Olympic sport under the World Taekwondo Federation.

Katy Competitive Martial Arts Teams

By Invitation Only

Our Vortexic Competition Team is comprised of a group of 10 elite martial artists of various belt ranks. We have tryouts for the team every six months.

Our Katy martial arts studio can help students develop the skills necessary in order to have a spot on the competitive team.

Demo Team

By Invitation Only

Our martial arts demo team performs in front of live audiences in Katy. By joining the demo team, you will create bonds with other team members and showcase numerous martial arts skills.

Our competitive martial arts program in the Cinco Ranch area helps prepare students to be a part of this talented team that is experienced in weapons, forms, board breaking and creativity.

Black Belt Class, Katy Martial Arts Program

For black belts only

The black belt class at Vortexic Martial Arts is a great way for students to benefit from individualized attention from instructors to their form, learn advanced techniques and aid in progression to the next belt rank.

In our black belt class, students can expect to expand on their martial arts skill set and learn techniques that are not a part of the belt progression.

Private Lessons for Martial Arts, Katy

All ages

If you are looking for one-on-one martial arts training, look no further than Vortexic. Our skilled martial arts instructors can offer private lessons for those students looking for undivided attention when learning a new martial arts skill. . Any student at any age or rank can benefit from private martial arts lessons. We will design a lesson plan to meet each student’s individual needs. The students benefit greatly in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Balance, motor skills
  • Self-defense instruction
  • Tailored fitness program
  • Technique on forms or kicking
  • Practicing breaking boards
  • Sparring combinations

Students greatly benefit from the personalization of the competitive martial arts training programs our instructors create for these one-on-one experiences. If you’re looking to improve your skillset in a safe and personalized environment, look no further than Vortexic.

Tiny Twisters

Ages 3-5

By focusing on basic motor and learning skills, we will help your child develop more confidence and to have an enthusiastic outlook as they enter society.


Ages 5+

This Korean martial art is widely known for its fast, spinning kicks and powerful punches. Students will enjoy their journey to becoming a black belt.


Ages 12+

Hapkido is a great compliment to our martial arts classes. Students will learn joint locks, grappling and throwing techniques, as well as kicks, punches and striking attacks.