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You might naturally associate martial arts with hollywood stunts and kicks and punches, but the self-defense aspect of martial arts is just part of it. Children that learn martial arts develop the confidence to know that if they are ever bullied, they have the skills they need to defend themselves. However, the real skill we teach is diffusing situations with words before they ever escalate to a physical level.

Vortexic Martial Arts Is Your Partner in Parenting

We teach the same values you teach at home, in a positive, safe and fun environment.

The foundation of our kids martial arts curriculum is the education and development of life-skills such as positive mental attitude, high goal setting, perseverance, self-control and confidence.



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Tiny Twisters

Ages: 3-5 Yrs

Our Tiny Twisters program includes a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving toddler and preschool-aged children’s basic motor skills and listening skills. These skills they learn in this program will help them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook. They will become better students at school, better listeners at home and more ambitious in the future. Toddlers enrolled in our Tiny Twisters martial arts program will learn a Theme of the Month with weekly homework opportunities to earn certificates and patches to display on their uniform.


Ages: 5 & Up

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that is well-known for its high, fast and spinning kicks as well as powerful punches. This Katy Martial Arts program will help students with improved physical fitness, better focus and concentration, self-esteem, self-discipline and respect for others. We strive to partner with Katy and Cinco Ranch families to build strong and happy relationships. Students will enjoy fast-paced classes on their way to becoming a black belt. Vortexic Martial Arts encourages participation from the entire family.


Ages: 12 & Up

Hapkido is the “anti-martial art”. It was designed as a way to defend against and overcome an attacker with skill in many forms of martial combat. Hapkido gives the student a solid base in different forms of defense, and roots the strategy of that defense in the principles of water, circle, and harmony. This gives the student a solid framework on which to develop their skill so that they are not caught off-guard when in real defense situations. The art’s primary emphasis is on practical self-defense.

Advanced Martial Arts

Ages: 5 & Up

Vortexic also offers advanced programs and private lessons with our team of qualified instructors to all ages and belt ranks. Continue your Martial Arts training in Katy with the best of the best. Advanced programs take place at our Cinco Ranch studio and include:

• Weapons Class  • Sparring Class  • Competition Team
• Demo Team  • Black Belt Class  • Private Lessons

Birthday Parties

Planning your child’s birthday party has never been easier. Parents can sit back and relax while our enthusiastic instructors make sure your party will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Our parties are so much FUN that we often have attendees request their parents book their parties at our school, after coming to one of their friend’s parties! And the best part, we do all the activities, AND the clean-up! All you have to do is invite your guests using our provided invitations!

Summer Camp

Ages: Up To Age 10

Not just kicks and punches! Summer camp at Vortexic Martial Arts works hand in hand with your efforts as a parent, providing the life skills necessary for your child to be the best they can be! Kids love to learn the physical skills of martial arts, and parents love the positive impact that our life skills program has on their children's attitude and self-esteem. Each day is full of safe and fun activities designed to challenge and educate your child. They'll participate in martial sessions, arts and crafts, and more!

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